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Fandom Post: Sherlock Special!

We’ll be writing a complete post on our love for Sherlock soon, but until then, we’ll share the recently released Sherlock Special trailer!

Ashley’s Reaction: OMG. *dies* I really love the contrast between the modernity of Sherlock, and this Victorian-inspired special. The trailer does such a good job of capturing what we love most about Sherlock–the comedy, the quirkiness, and the intrigue. I love the costumes. I can’t wait to see Mary! I’m also excited to see how Sherlock and Watson move forward in this world without modern technology and science. GIVE ME MORE.

Nicole’s Reaction: They could have shown me nothing but the door of 221B, and I’d still be over-the-moon excited! It’ll be fun to see our characters in a new – ahem, a past – era. And, judging from the trailer, the show’s bringing its signature wily wit into the past as well. I love the Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law version and can’t wait to see how Benedict and Martin don their Victorian roles to duel the macabre. Cheers to awaiting the next great game!