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Friday Fandom: Castle


Nathan Fillion. Need I say more?

Okay, I will.

Castle is an absolutely fabulous show for many reasons, and its writers are definitely folks to be admired. What makes it doubly fun is the number of different ways Castle’s authorly expertise comes into play.

He finds inspiration in the strangest places. He uses research sources to help his cop partner Kate Beckett (Played by the amazing Stana Katic) get information. He has literally helped the NYPD solve crimes by using the phrase: That’s not how I would write it.

Why else do I like it?

The characters

First of all, Castle and Beckett are an exceptional onscreen team and couple. Their chemistry has been impeccable since episode 1, and has matured and deepened over the seasons as they fell in love, dated and married. A lot of TV couples falter or slow down when they hit the “married” stage. Or, the writers hold it off for too long to keep the show’s will-they-won’t-they momentum. Not Beckett and Castle! Even now, their banter is some of the best on TV.

The rest of the cast is equally strong. Ryan and Esposito are not only smart, capable partners for Beckett on the job, they’re friends to both her and Castle, and fully-formed, hilarious characters of their own.

And also badasses.

Same goes for Laney, Martha and Alexis, whose presences are always relevant and meaningful without feeling like filler. I especially love seeing Castle’s family side and his dad/son role with Alexis and Martha. Captains Montgomery and Gates also play their roles superbly—here’s more about my favorite kickass scene with Montgomery and why he is just all kinds of awesome!

As my Castle-cowatcher Katie says, the entire cast feels like an actual family.

The cases

Though Castle is a “cop show,” its cases still feel fresh and intriguing eight seasons in. The writers and cast do a great job balancing humor with mystery. The Old Haunt and the Blue Butterfly episodes are wonderful examples of this. I’m also impressed at how the show carries storylines from one season to the next…and the next. 3XK anyone?

It’s a credit to the show’s writers that the personal storylines meld so seamlessly with the case storylines without dragging or losing their light edge. Which brings us to…

The writing

Each element of this show is balanced so skillfully without getting heavy-handed or taking itself too seriously. While each character has grown and changed, no one has shed what and who they were at the beginning. Martha is still the theatrical mother. Beckett is still driven by justice and certain demons from her past. And, Castle is still the silly, clever writer who’s thrilled like a little boy about the macabre. The power of the show is still it’s humor, wit and heart. And that’s why we love it!