Friday Fandom: ALL THE FANDOMS!

Okay, not really ALL the fandoms! But we have tons of awesome, fun trailers to share with you today!

In no particular order, we shall begin!


Yes! Yes! Yes! Sherlock never disappoints me and I am so excited for this Victorian Christmas Special.



I’m super excited for SHADOWHUNTERS. I wrote a Fandom Post about this here. The acting is a little cheesy, but I love the casting choices, and I think the changes are going to be great. I think with this one, we want to think of the series as a adaptation of the books.

You can see more sneak peaks of SHADOWHUNTERS here and here!

And last is the PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES trailer!

Can I just say, I want to watch this movie sans Zombies?! I love Lily James as Elizabeth Bennett! Initially, I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch this movie, but I think it will be both hilarious and kickass!

Tell us what you think! Which fandom are you most excited for? Which trailer did you enjoy most?


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