Author’s Couch: Q&A with Kelley Lynn

I first met Kelley Lynn shortly after we discovered we were both WI authors and shortly before I read her FRACTION OF STONE debut. Since then, she’s hit her publishing stride with the rest of the Fraction series, as well as a number of successful titles in contemporary YA. We snagged a few moments of her time to talk about the Fraction series in particular!


Fraction of StoneSynopsis

Wind tunnels, torrential rains and earthquakes tear apart Casden. The cause of the world’s imbalance is unknown, but the mounting occurrences suggest there’s little time before life ceases to exist.

Rydan Gale and Akara Nazreth are the only humans with the ability to wield magic. The tattoo on their necks and the discovery of an ancient book explaining the importance of a blue stone, dictate they are the key to the world’s survival.

But the greatest obstacle for saving mankind isn’t the natural disasters, extreme betrayals and magic-fearing men hunting them.

It’s that Akara doesn’t believe the world is worth saving.



  1. What’s the story behind the story? Tell us a little about where you got the idea for your book.

The Fraction Series started on a plane. Which isn’t that surprising since I travel a lot for my day job so I’m on planes all the time. It was NaNoWriMo 2011 and I was working on a different book (a contemporary boy POV about baseball. I have genre commitment issues.) Anyways…I was halfway through that book and wasn’t into it anymore, so I asked myself what I wanted to write. Akara, one of the two main characters in the Fraction Series, popped into my head. This broken, used, defeated girl who is one of two people in the whole world who has magic. The first draft of FRACTION OF STONE was finished ten days later.

BFF: Wow, 10 days?! I’m jealous! But, seriously, Akara is a fantastic character and your opening chapter sucks in readers in an instant!

  1. What’s your personal favorite part about the story? A character you loved writing, a scene that gives you shivers in all the best ways, etc.

I have a hard time picking “favorites” as a general life issue. Haha. But… let’s see. I really love Tristan. He’s one of the main secondary characters whose been holed up in a decrepit village all his life with no one but his grandmother. He’s covered in tattoos (because what else do you do if you’re by yourself?) and really funny. He manages to still be the optimist even the world is trying everything in its power to change that mindset.

  1. What do you hope readers take away from your story?

That even when the whole world is against you, all it takes is one person to make going through all that crap worth it.

BFF: What a great lesson and perspective! 

  1. Who/what are some of your favorite authors or books? Can you share how they’ve inspired you?

Ah! Favorites again! (Kidding, kidding). Well, I was influenced by Laini Taylor’s DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE when I wrote FRACTION OF STONE. I had just read it, and it has such beautiful prose, wonderful world building. I also love Harry Potter and The Wheel of Time Series and Sword of Truth.

BFF: Have you been looking at my bookshelf lately?! We seem to share the same title-love.

  1. What is most likely to draw you in to a book?

I have to be drawn in within the first two chapters. If I’m invested in the characters, want to know about them and their journey, I’m in.

  1. Tell us a little about your publishing journey.

I started writing in July of 2011. Since that time, I have finished around 13 manuscripts. FRACTION OF STONE was my first published work. By the end of 2015, all four books in the Fraction Series saga will have been released. I also have two novels through Bloomsbury Spark, ROAD TO SOMEWHERE (YA Contemp) and ONE WISH AWAY (YA Science Fiction).  And another YA Contemp will be released through Tulip Romance in November 2015.

  1. What’s next on your plate?

I have two series that are dying to be written (we’ll see which one is talking louder when it comes time). I’ve also got some work with my agent that we’re on submission with.

BFF: Lots of excellent things happening for you! Can’t wait to see your next projects. But, first, on to the fun stuff!

Favorite dragon: Saphira
Favorite Shakespeare: Hamlet (I memorized a monologue from it once)
Favorite fantasy food: Mist Mead (It’s the booze in the Fraction Series)

BFF: Props for naming your own booze creation! Have a Mist Mead on us. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by the Author’s Couch!

Kelly LynnMore About Kelley

Eventually the day came when the voices in Kelley Lynn’s head were more insistent than her engineering professor’s. So instead of turning to her Thermodynamics book, Kelley brought up a blank page on her computer and wrote. Somewhere along the way, she became a Young Adult author.

Kelley’s enjoyed working with Bloomsbury Spark (ROAD TO SOMEWHERE and ONE WISH AWAY) and Tulip Romance (STAGE KISSED, Nov. 2015). As well as publishing work on her own. Feel free to hang out with Kelley at her Facebook Page or see what she’s tweeting about. (@KelleyLynn1) She loves to get feedback on her work through




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